[ARTICLE] Sandara Park’s Pool-Playing Picture Reveals Luxurious Interior of YG Building


[TV Report=Kim Ka-young] 2NE1’s Sandara Park has uploaded a picture of her playing pool.

On September 30, Sandara Park uploaded a picture on her me2day account with a comment, “Killing time in YG building. I play pool in my free time. Do I look like a good pool player?”

In the picture is Sandara Park in front of a pool table. She is staring at the billiard balls with a cue stick in her hand.

The YG building mentioned by Sandara Park is impressive as well. The building of YG Entertainment is giving off classy and luxurious vibes with a neat interior and a high ceiling.

Internet users responded with comments such as, “Sandara Park looks like a professional” “Oh, she plays pool as well” “She looks like a really good player” and “I want to play pool with you.”

Photograph=Sandara Park’s me2day account

By intern reporter Kim Ka-young kky1209@tvreport.co.kr

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