[SCREENCAP-HQ] 2NE1 “The Journey” Teaser

Do not REMOVE the logo ^_^

Our Beautiful Galactic Captain Goddess Dara

2NE1-The-Journey-Dara 2NE1-The-Journey-Dara-4 2NE1-The-Journey-Dara-3 2NE1-The-Journey-Dara-2 2NE1-The-Journey-Dara-1

CLICK THE LINK for the individual capped of 2NE1 Members

Spring Goddess~ Bom ^.^

2NE1-The-Journey-Bom 2NE1-The-Journey-Bom-2 2NE1-The-Journey-Bom-1

Charismatic Leader CL!

2NE1-The-Journey-CL-5 2NE1-The-Journey-CL-2 2NE1-The-Journey-CL-1 2NE1-The-Journey-CL-6

Our Sexy and Beautiful Maknae Minzy~! :>

2NE1-The-Journey-Minzy4 2NE1-The-Journey-Minzy3 2NE1-The-Journey-Minzy2 2NE1-The-Journey-Minzy1 2NE1-The-Journey-Minzy

Capped by @daraparkph | Dara Park Philippines

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