[FROM YG] 2NE1 Becomes Popular After Appearing on ABC’S The Bahelor

[OSEN=김사라 인턴기자] 2NE1, after making an appearance on American ABC’s hit reality program The Bachelor, is gaining much popularity in the country.

At 8 pm on Jan 27, 2NE1 appeared on the 18th date episode of The Bachelor, becoming dance coaches of ‘I Am the Best.’

‘I Am the Best,’ released on YouTube in June 2006 has raked in 84 million views, becoming 2NE1’s main hit song. After their appearance on The Bachelor on Jan 28, the song ranked #3 in Electronic single chart in America’s iTunes and #1 in Canada’s. Their popularity is climbing up the ladder very quickly after the TV show.

‘The Bachelor’ is a hit reality series that holds a journey of a man looking for one soul mate among many women. It’s a long-loved program in its 18th season, and in the latest episode, Venezuelan former soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis appeared to enjoy his date with a number of beautiful women.

In the episode, the staffers and guests of the show visited YG’s headquarter to film dance coach group dating scene. The Bachelor team told the guests YG is where K-Pop is created, and a place where they can meet Korea’s most popular girl group, 2NE1. They added, 2NE1 is like Spice Girls, and they are super stars.

2NE1 coached the guests how to dance ‘I Am the Best,’ and one of them extolled their song and the choreography by saying it attracted 77 million views on YouTube. Another mentioned 2NE1’s the most popular K-Pop group in Korea, all very excited.

2NE1 invited the guests to their mini concert held at Seoul Times Square, and performed ‘I Am the Best’ together. The guests commented how every floor was filled with people and realized how popular 2NE1 actually is. They were excited to see scores of fans and was greatly satisfied they stood on stage with Korea’s most famous girl group

After the show was aired, 2NE1’s hit song became even more popular, and is expected to maintain the enthusiasm for a while.

2NE1 is busy preparing their 2nd World Tour, after releasing 3 new songs ‘Falling in Love,’ ‘Do You Love Me,’ and ‘Missing You’ in 2013.

2NE1 is set to kick off their World Tour from March 1 and 2 at Seoul’s Olympic Park SK Handball Arena. They will tour around 9 countries including Japan and China, across 13 cities.

2014. 1. 29.

Source: YG-Life

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