[ARTICLE] K-Pop Wrap Up: Who and What Dominated Headlines in January 2014 (2NE1,Gdragon,Taeyang and Others)

January has proven to be a very successful month for K-Pop’s infiltration into the United States and has been the month of the sexy girl group concept.

K-Pop made a strong start in 2014 as a musical genre that continues to spread throughout the globe. Artists such as YG Entertainment‘s G-Dragon and 2NE1 have been at the forefront of mainstream Western media attention with momentum that has not been seen since the spread of Gangnam Style. The U.S. arrival of U-KISS drew attention from numerous media outlets, who were surprised by the English proficiency of the group, as well as the college career of member AJ. In the midst of the month, headlines became dominated by the tragic news regarding the death of the father and grandparents of Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

2NE1 established their newsworthiness in January, with the announcement of their upcoming All or Nothing album and a world tour in support of the album. 2NE1 along with YG Entertainment were featuring during Fuse TV’s week long Fuse Loves Seoul coverage, which delivered K-Pop onto prime time television in the United States. Furthermore, 2NE1 returned to American television at the end of January by performing on ABC’s The Bachelor. Their appearance on the episode led to more mainstream exposure for the group and an increase in sales of songs such as their hit I Am the Best2NE1 while filming the segment for ‘The Bachelor’.

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Source:  @kpopstarz


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