[ADMIN POST] Closing Dara Park Philippines – It’s Been A Very Happy and Joyful Journey


This is kind of a spur of the moment decision but I do hope you guys won’t stop supporting any Dara fansites~ ^_^

For the past 8 Months I have been giving you the fresh updates from our Goddess and 2NE1 but it’s sad to say that it’s time to close the curtains for DaraParkPhilippines

I just want to take this moment to say thank you to all of the people supporting and loving Dara Park Philippines, for your hospitality accepting this fansite to be one of your One-Stop-Dara-Updates.

For the DPPh Blog followers, thank you so much for the likes and comments and such ❤

It never came to me that DPPh will reach the 500 mark followers T_T I really love you guys! All the RT’s, Favorites and those encouraging tweets  really made my day :>

And it really saddens me that it came to a point to close DPPh T__T//sobs// As you all notice I was the only one updating the site and everything here and in Twitter. It look likes “onewomansubs” hahaha! You all know that site right? Especially WINNER Fans 😀 but in my case it’s “onewomanupdates” kkkk :3 (did I make you laugh? No? How ’bout smile? :D) The reason why I’m putting DPPh down is because … I’m only a human who has a family and friends aside from le fandom family and school works really eat away my time T^T huhu

I really had fun updating you guys! I swear it’s like a drug to me, that if I didn’t update for one day I’m fidgety and anxious, it’s been one of my priority to Daralings to have them the latest news from Dara and 2NE1

BUT! My love for Dara unnie will be forever and ever until my last breath. (lol! That was a little bit creepy,oh well!)
And this marks my new journey! I’ll never stop updating you guys! 😀 You’ll always be in my heart, please always remember that ^_^.

Will close the site and twitter on Feb. 8 2014 Saturday (GMT+8) .

Dara Park Philippines … is signing off~

One thought on “[ADMIN POST] Closing Dara Park Philippines – It’s Been A Very Happy and Joyful Journey

  1. OTTOKE NOOOO T__________T but I love this site.. Huhu it’s so pretty and the photos are in HD… Heol… ;;A;; unnie waaahh. I know I can’t stop you so even though I’m sad.. I wish you good luck. Thank you for the wonderful 8 months! God bless!

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