[FEATURE] Naver Starcast: [Dara’s Journal for 2NE1 World Tour Preparation 4] The Meeting Note of 2NE1, Who is Preparing for The Concert!

Hello!! 2NE1’s captain San has returned. Have you guys doing well last week? It was I, whom the will towards the concert is getting much stronger~ after spending the New Year holiday. I was worrying about if I will be able to do well when I heard the story that I have to prepare for 4 sets of episodes of STARCAST with only the stories that captain San have prepared but the last episode has already come, cry cry ㅜ.ㅜ since it is the last one, with the authority of the captain San!! I will engage myself with a determination to show everything today.^.^

The story that will be revealed this time is, ta da! It is revealing of 2NE1, who is working hard with a career woman mode. 2NE1 have gathered at the recording studio of YG private company building in the late night for a concert conference. We tell the fact that we gather and discuss the stories about “ALL OR NOTHING” whenever we have time as one day is not enough~. +_+ Now then, meet the conference scene through the pictures!! (This episode specially has lots of pictures ready due to the excitement coming from meeting the fans in a long time so do not miss it~!!~.^)

#1. The meeting note of 2NE1, who is preparing “ALL OR NOTHING”

2NE1-Naver Starcast-1

The first page of today’s conference agenda!! Ta da!!
This is the first page of the conference about how we will appear on the stage and what kind of songs we will sing.

2NE1-Naver Starcast-2

Are you guys curious about it? That is a secret for now! Check it out at the concert hall ^.^

2NE1-Naver Starcast-3

Taking a picture before the conference starts! We begin today’s STARCAST with a refreshing opening picture!

2NE1-Naver Starcast-4

This is Minzy, who is listening to the stories about this concert’s stage set with serious looks in the eyes.+_+
Maybe it is because the conference, she fully shows an adult-like and mature vibe.

2NE1-Naver Starcast-5

This is CL’s conference fashion of today that is comfortable but cool!
Wow~ Doesn’t her look of holding the chin with a hand that has the pen look professional?
I am also saying something while looking at the conference agenda but it is sad as the voice is not conveyed through the pictureㅜ.ㅜ

2NE1-Naver Starcast-6

What is our Bom looking at so intensely?+_+
What Bom is holding right now is the planning document about this ‘ALL OR NOTHING concert’ MD goods~
Please look forward to what kind of pretty and cool one and only 2NE1 goods will be released this time.

2NE1-Naver Starcast-7

Provocative Minzy with provocative attitude and looks in the eye! The direction of the pupils are.. Don’t tell me… were you looking at me?
Do not forget that you are the youngest, Minzy! ^.~

2NE1-Naver Starcast-8

I get to show it like this once again~This is Dara concentrating everyone~
I would have been thinking hard about promotion ideas even right at that moment…… right?^^;; Haha

2NE1-Naver Starcast-9

I have immediately caught in sight the charisma leader CL, who is concentrating on the conference~ Even her single hand movement that is putting her hair back has charisma????

2NE1-Naver Starcast-10

Last bonus picture!! This is one picture of the unrevealed meeting with an authority of the captain San.
I am going to wrap up the last episode with this serious look^.^

Wow~ It feels new as I get to show the members in this way myself in a long time. Whether it is the stage that 2NE1 stands on or the place that we are together with you guys, they are all important moments every time but we are thinking either A or B! just for this world tour. Just like the title, it is “ALL OR NOTHING”!! It will be a choice that you guys are not going to regret>.< I will see you guys at the concert site! Bye~

2NE1-Naver Starcast-11

+ The autograph that is revealed in surprise this week is the autograph from Bom. I am also preparing to show something surprising together with Bom. Please highly look forward to it. Now then, the captain San really send last greeting and bye! ^^

PS: You guys are going to get ready to play with us together in “ALL OR NOTHING” IN SEOUL that starts off 2NE1 world tour concert on March 1st and 2nd, right~?

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[FEATURE] Naver Starcast: [Dara’s Journal for 2NE1 World Tour Preparation 3] Revealing The Secret of the Shooting for All Or Nothing “The Journey”!

Hello!! This is 2NE1 captain San, it is Dara. The STARCAST publishing, which the captain San is putting a lot of effort into, is already on its 3rd episode. In order to provide different kinds of information to everyone today also!! I will be trying my best. Did everyone watch the teaser video of our world tour concert ALL OR NOTHING last week? It is called “THE JOURNEY”!!!!! Lot of people said that is it the real quality of the concert teaser and I have once again slightly thought about whether it is too much information or not but today, I will thoroughly reveal the secrets of the filming site of that video which is the center of the attention!! Ta da! ^.^

I heard that there was no one who did not watch this teaser!! But, just in case for the ones who did not watch and for countless reviews, we will proceed after playing the video once more~!


Wow~~ Isn’t the video so cool?! Everyone who has already noticed will know about it but this “THE JOURNEY” was filmed using chromatography technique. The fact is that it is used a lot in dramas, movies and advertisements these days+_+ I will show what chromatography technique is in an very easy way through a pretty picture of Bom!!

The one who is in the paused scene of the video is Bom, who is standing in a pretty way with a beautiful moon as the background. Isn’t her beautiful looks of the back and a beautiful background so awesome??

Then, should we compare the original picture and the picture after applying computer graphics!! Ta da!!!

Naver Starcast-Bom-1

The truth is, we get to film in a neat background where it is possible to use chromatography technique just like the image above! After filming the video with all our efforts!! It comes out like the image below ^.^ Such a cool teaser resulted from the detailed expressions of emotions from the members and everybody’s detailed efforts and this is happy, happy captain San.

#2. The revealing of the behind pictures of teaser filming place

Naver Starcast-CL-2

First, this is charismatic leader CL~
Even when she tied her hair both ways in an adorable way, wow, there is still charisma! Power!
She passionately acted as the queen of cat planet in the teaser video^.^

Naver Starcast-Bom-3  

For people who saw the teaser video, you guys already got the answer for something that was glowing on Bom’s cheek in the last episode, right? +.+
It was Bom’s tears that was shining like a jewelㅜ.ㅜ  For people who got it right, we reveal the original picture that was used in the poster as a gift!!

Naver Starcast-Minzy-4

Our provocative Minzy!
The looks in the eyes of the youngest member got much sexier and the pose also became much more provocative when she turned 21…
Wow~ I am worried about you, Minzy ^.^

Just like 2NE1 who came from the star, we tried different kinds of make-up, but it was not that visible in the video sadlyㅜ.ㅜ
So we will reveal it through the pictures!! Go!!

Naver Starcast-Dara-5

It is a mystic eye make-up that gives the feeling of as if it came from outer space, right?

Naver Starcast-6


+The autograph that is revealed this week is from Minzy~! The news is that we are already excited when we think about meeting with you guys at the concert site!!! I will see you guys next week in STARCAST also. Then, I will say bye from here~!

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[NEWS] 2NE1, confessed their soft inner minds in the world tour documentary.. ‘Showed tears’

2NE1-All Or Nothing-Group

with 2nd world tour ‘AON (ALL OR NOTHING)’ coming close.

This video that has an interview format was revealed through YG official blog (www.yg-life.com) on the early morning of January 21st and it was filmed in the shooting site of 2NE1 poster, which became the center of attention with a fantasy vibe. The documentary teaser is about 3 minutes long and it is getting attention with the phrases that show serious but soft side of 2NE1 members, who only have been showing happy and powerful sides so far.

Bom showed tears with the phrases “Right now at this moment? I think this is love. Towards people?” and CL is also arousing curiosity by saying “People around me keep saying ‘How do they manage to do that?’ and it naturally made me not to do it. Since I am also a person”.

Minzy said “We play on the stage… but you can think of it as we are playing until we die just to survive” and honestly shared her resolutions to make effort to show powerful side on the stage until now.

Dara said “I think 2NE1 is just like me. It is like my name… the first time when I felt that was after 2NE1’s first concert” and was almost about to cry and said “The people who are on top have gathered so it seems like I always think about ‘What is the role I can play in the group’ even until now” and shared her worries as a singer.

This video which was filmed with hand-held method and a cinema tone is an opportunity to see another side of 2NE1 members that contrasts with fancy make-up and outfits. It is giving rise to the feeling of anticipation about what kind of things they are going to show in 2014 as the dates for their world tour and comeback is coming near.

Also on this day, along with the teaser, the world tour main poster that has fantasy vibe was revealed. In the poster, the members are showing charms that are dreamy and full of feminine characteristics as if they are a space goddess.

Along with preparing for the new album, 2NE1, who are going on a 2nd world tour first time as a girl group, is expected to meet with the fans overseas in 13 cities of 9 countries of Korea, Japan and China and so on through 17 sets of performances.

The world tour will start off with the performance in Seoul, which will take place on March 1st and 2nd at Olympics Park SK Handball Stadium located in Bangee-dong, Songpa-gu in Seoul. The ticket reservation for Seoul performance is expected to be made available on January 21st and 22nd through G Market.

Source: Naver Star Cast

[FEATURE] Naver Starcast: [Dara’s Journal for 2NE1 World Tour Preparation 2] 2NE1 Who Came From The Star? “All Or Nothing” Poster Shooting


Lots of people who have been waiting for Dara’s journal of world tour preparation for a week~
2NE1’s promoting captain Dara have returned this week also. We thank you guys so much for showing hot reactions towards the face to face chatting conference scene that was revealed last week! With the support from you guys, we have prepared much HOT news this week ^.^
That is, what was revealed in last week through YG-LIFE!!!
It is the site of shooting the poster for 2NE1 second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING”!!!

The truth is that, just revealing the poster alone made to feel that something a little not enough!
The captain Dara will take care of that feeling and will fill it up. +_+

#1. Space warrior 2NE1! Revealed a different kind of charm!

This shooting progressed with a concept of 2NE1 who came from the star and we went into this shooting with a lot of concentration anticipating mysterious vibe throughout the shooting. 4 people 4 colors! Should we head to the shooting site in which we can see the different charms of the members? Go~Go~Go!


Space goddess vibe leader CL! Just like a photogenic person, she is showing a cool pose!


Wow~~~ it seems like our Bom ate dim dim fruit ^.^
But, if you look close, do not tell me that something shining on the right cheek is….?
Wait, no.. What happened to Bom on that day?!!


Our youngest member Minzy! Our Minzy who is getting prettier day by day after her 21st birthday!
She showed another side different from already existing side for this shooting!
You are the only one who is getting prettier, no fair >.<


Yes! It is me, the captain Dara^.^ I look really serious~~!!
Even I concentrate like this while I am shooting~^^

#2. Either A or B? ALL OR NOTHING! We bet on everything that 2NE1 has!

This world tour in which we promised to bet on everything that 2NE1 has!
However, you guys were curious since nothing else was seen except our back was shown in the poster, right?!? There was even a guess that our back is not ours but someone else’s…+.+
We will reveal the identity of that picture!!


Ta da!! 2NE1’s back was taken in this way!! The truth is that, even our shadows stay the same^.^
We burst out in laughter as we were finding the right timing to walk and making poses but it looks so cool in the poster.

#3. I did not know we had these kinds of sides! Revealing of 2NE1’s sincere minds! THE INTERVIEW!

The last one we are going to show you guys is the documentary teaser “THE INTERVIEW” that was revealed on the early morning of today! It is a video that contains our honest and sincere minds me and the members felt while preparing for this album^.^ It is different from “Strong character” 2NE1 that we showed on the stage right?
All of my shy mind that I have been hiding~~~ I will show you!

+This week, it is the autograph from CL!!!
Just like CL’s message, we will prepare hard so that we can play together in the concert hall!
(Oh, oh!! Today at 8pm! The tickets will be opened for 2NE1 world tour concert in Seoul!)
You guys did not forget about it right? Then, I will wish luck for a successful ticket purchase~ and I will say bye from here~~!!)

Written by. Dara (2NE1)
Videos/Pictures. YG Entertainment
Source: Star Naver

[FEATURE+FASHION] Starcast: How To Wear Skinny Jeans – Learn it from the Girl Groups

Girl group the principle of fashion, has to must show off slim body figures no matter what kind of clothes they wear. They have to react fast to what is popular and have to lead the trend. Skinny jean is an It item in that aspect. Just wearing it highlights the beautiful body figure and it matches well with everything.

We learn from girl groups!!

The first is a way to wear the skinny jean. The styling of girl groups’ skinny jean is divided into 4 parts. ▶Being chic with a leather skinny jean, ▶ showing off charisma with a ripped skinny jean. ▶Look fantastically cool with a printed skinny jean, ▶also emphasize the natural charm with a basic skinny jean.

We took a close look into girl groups’ skinny jean styling and ways to apply.

◆ Leather skinny jean = The experts of skinny jean wears this often. The style varies depending on whether it is glossy or not. Being glossy can emphasize sexiness and having no gloss can emphasize chicness.

Best girl = When it comes to a leather skinny jean, it is of course Hyun-a. She loves wearing the leather skinny jean regardless of whether it is on the stage, the photo wall or the real way. It is an item that is hard to be pulled off but there is no such thing as embarrassment. She shows a perfect beauty of the body figure by making the leather skinny jean stick tight to her slim body. Because of that, the sexy charm is upgraded.

How to = It is not Hyun-a if it looks normal. She matches the leopard fur to a leather skinny jean for the most of the time. But, to avoid ‘Too much’ styling, she unifies the top and bottom entirely with black. She makes her legs look long~er by wearing kill hills that is made up of similar material as the leather skinny jean.

The point = It is a leopard fur jacket that covers the waist slightly. Because of the short length, it is really showing the slim waist. A brown fur and the leather skinny jean are matching well in a fancy way. She heightened the sexy atmosphere with gold short hair and thick smoky make-ups.

Ways to apply ① Add leather to the leather!

If fur is too burdensome, then leather + leather style also looks good. It can give off a chic vibe while reducing the burden. Victoria matched a leather skinny jean to a leather rider jacket at the airport. She made it look less boring by adding in white details to the jacket and shoes.

Ways to apply ② Use a long outer jacket!

If the waist and hip line that is revealed in between the leather skinny jean, try matching the long outer clothes. It is the method of styling that CL uses often. To a khaki long military jacket that is trimmed with fur, she wore a black skinny jean. To this, she added charisma with thick chain necklace and walker shoes.

Ways to apply ③ With basic coat, the burden ↓

It is a way to coordinate the leather skinny jean that everyone can pull off easily. In the case of Yuri, she wore a light khaki coat with a leather skinny jean. She chose a tight coat, hid her legs and emphasized the beauty of body figure. To this, she wore black shoes that have noticeable kill hills and aimed for a rock chic charm.

◆ Ripped skinny jean = A ripped skinny jean is still highly popular even in the cold winter season. The ripped skinny jean has 2 styles. It is either to rip it in a really bold way until the knees are revealed or just slightly rip it. Let’s try the punk look with the ripped jean alone.

The best = The one who lead the ripped skinny jean style is Dara. She loves it so much that she has ripped skinny jean for every color. She shows a twist in her image with wild ripped skinny jean as it contrasts with her pretty looks.

How to = She style it in a manly way with a ripped skinny jean such as wearing a white t-shirt with a skinny jean that only ripped slightly the knee part. To this, layer the blue plaid shirt with black cardigan. She added charisma with black buckle boots.

The point = The point was the detail in the skinny jean. Dara’s skinny jean is connected in a row with silver chains from thigh to knee. Just like someone who prefers styles that are full of individuality, even her ripped skinny jean was different.

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[FEATURE] Naver Starcast: [Dara’s Journal for 2NE1 World Tour Preparation 1] A Serious face to face Chatting Conference

Hello to those of you who are with STARCAST. The captain Dara, who is the promoting captain of 2NE1, have returned!! ^.^ A good news that people who knows will already know!! We are holding 2NE1 world tour. Clap, clap, clap! It is all because of the fans who have been waiting for 2NE1’s concert for a long time! I am so glad that tears are covering my eyes T.T 2NE1 is ready to pour out even more passion in even more countries!! with even more fans!! You guys know that, right?

We will plan and progress this world tour together with Travis and Stacy just like we did in our first! world tour New Evolution concert, who showed the best teamwork~~!! For the first time in YG, they held 2NE1 New Evolution world tour with us and afterwards, they also took part in planning G-Dragon’s performance! To create fantastic performances one more time with 2NE1, we decided to collaborate for the second time. Clap, clap, clap! I am really looking forward to this performance. What about you guys^.~? The distance in our minds is short but because of the far distance physically, we have tried ‘Face to face chatting conference’ for a successful collaboration and it matches the global era!


Because there are stories about our performances, we cannot show much (Spoilers are not allowed X^^;;) but we came to show a little bit of what kind of things we talk about when we prepare for the concert even if it might be short. Being serious during the conference without any signs of laughter.. I think I am hearing the sounds of anticipation towards the concert rising~~What about you guys >.<

#2. Huge release of the pictures for the fans who will think short video clip is way too~ not enough!!


What in the world are they talking about, making them have such serious faces +_+


Concentrate and concentrate again on the conference. It was revealed a little bit but the actual meeting lasted for more than an hour~~ ^.^


Our leader CL is preparing the concert with a look of leader full of charisma!!


Our Minzy whose smile is no doubt pretty ^.^ What would be making her smile in such pretty way?!

#3. The first revealing of the autograph is the captain Dara!^_^


Who would be the next to reveal the autograph?^.~

2NE1 concert really starts from now! 2NE1 is always preparing with the most effort ^0^ but we are putting trying even harder for this performance. You guys can see the vivid process of 2NE1 preparing for the concert on every Tuesdays for 4 weeks starting from today on STARCAST, so please do not miss this also. Now, 2NE1 promotion captain Dara will say bye from here and I will see you guys next week. (^.^)(_._)(^.*)Bye~!

PS: Today is the D-7 until the sale of 2NE1 second world tour starts !!!!!!!!!! Everyone is going to wait and is going to buy the tickets, right?

Written by. Dara(2NE1)
Videos/Pictures. YG Entertainment Source: Naver Starcast

Source: Naver Starcast

[FEATURED] Starcast: “Missing You ~ 2013″…2NE1’s Last Diary


2013, there is one day left.

Missing you~ missing you~ miss~ing you~

Maybe! Would there be any other group like 2NE1 that was active in 2013 and who will miss 2013? After the leader CL started off with her solo song ‘The Baddest Female’ in last May, 2NE1 was restless until December.

The total of three songs ‘Falling in love’, ‘ Do you love me’, ‘Missing You‘ has dominated the music site and Bom presented a carol song with YG singer Lee Hi.

A one busy year. In what way would 2NE1 remember the year 2013? We were curious about the things they laughed, cried, sad and felt not enough about. It is the so-called ‘2013, missing you’.


☞ First, we asked them the things they were most happy about. The answers of the four members CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara were all same. They were most happy when they were actively promoting after releasing the new song. They were most happy when they presented a new song to fans and they were happy because they were loved.

Dara:  We promoted the songs ‘Falling in love’, ‘Do you love me’ and ‘Missing You’ this year. When each of the songs came into being and when each was released, I was so happy.

CL: I was happy when I was promoting the song ‘The Baddest Female’. I stood on the solo stage for the first time after 4 years since the debut. Just that fact alone was meaningful to me.

Minzy: I was happy when I saw the fans when I was on the stage. We met after preparing for a long time. Even though the promotion activity was short, I have to say that I was happy when I saw the fans in such a long time while I was up on the stage.

☞ Not all moments can be happy. When would be the times when they were sad personally? They each had different answers. There was a member who talked about the emotions they felt when they were on the stage and there was a member who talked about personal experiences. Also, they talked about the sadness coming from responsibilities.

CL:  I was most sad when performing the second stage of ‘Missing You’ (SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’ Comeback stage). It was our first comeback stage on the music broadcast show in Korea. When I sang the ballad song in such a long time, something was very sad and I was absorbed into emotions when I thought of the lyrics…. Anyhow, it was something like that.

Minzy: I am sad because we did not get to release a proper regular album this year. We were supposed to present it this year by working hard and preparing it fast, and that was so sad.

Dara: I was sad when my hair got too bad. I gave changes restlessly from gold, pink and to silver this year so my hair was too ruined. All the hair was cut off. I am sad because I miss my hair. For that reason, there is a sad story that I had to wear a hat in ‘Missing You’~~


☞ What kind of moments would have been most meaningful to 2NE1Dara and Bomsaid it was every moment. It means that they have tried that hard and lived intensely. At times, they put in their hearts the special memory of the moment when they met with the fans.

Bom: Working hard (All the activities). That is most meaningful.

Dara: I think the moment when members gather and record the song and preparing for a new performance is always meaningful. Especially, I like who we are and what we are doing now recently. Please be sure to check the achievements of this very moment next year.

CL: I remember the moment when the fan meeting was held for the first time. It was the first fan meeting after making the debut. This time, we met with the fans in Japan but I hope to meet fans in Korea myself in the upcoming New Year.

☞ However, not everything can turn out good. The truth is, there were things that they felt not enough about. First, the promotion period was shorter than expected. There was also no concert. The fact that they did not get to release the proper and regular album was something that all members felt not enough about.

Minzy: I feel sad that I did not get to see you guys (fans) often due to a short promotion period.

Bom: Yes. There might be lots of things but I feel sad that 2NE1’s (Regular• Mini) album was not released. Personally, I also feel sad that I did not get to release a solo album.

Dara: The hot concert in the middle of the summer that took place 2 years in a row did not happen in 2013. I felt so sad about it. But, do not worry. It will begin in March of 2014. 2NE1’s 2014 World Tour.   


☞ Girl group fashion star. When talking about 2NE1, fashion cannot be left out. For every stage, they showed a unique style that is to the different level compared to other girl groups. Then, what would be the best style that members have picked?Dara gave an answer first.

Dara: I remember the broad hat style. The feeling of putting on that hat on a blonde gold hair, I know what that is like~. It is unique but it can show the female charm at the same time, so I liked it. Fascinatingly, that hat matched well with all kinds of outfits.

Minzy: For me, there as a time when I wore a red cheetah patterned knit sweater out of the outfits in ‘Missing You’. I think it was simply the style that matched with me the most.

CL: I will pick the outfit from ‘The Baddest Female’. You guys remember the white swimming suit style that I wore on ‘Popular Music’ right? It was unconventional but it is memorable as it was an outfit that has charisma and is unique.

☞ In this year, 2NE1 met lots of people. Who would be the most memorable person?Dara said “I met too many people and said bye to too many people. The question is too difficult and hesitated to give an answer, but the rest of the members shared stories about their special someone that they remember.

Minzy: I have in my memory people who always cheer for me, the fans.

Bom: If I were to pick just one, I will choose Lee Hi. We sang a Christmas carol together. But, I think she is someone who is so adorable and nice.

CL: For me, of course it is Stevie Wonder. We met in the stage of ‘MAMA’. Just the fact that I was able to be on the same stage with the king of pop was such a big honor.

☞ We also asked about the moment that they can never forget. The moment that they cannot forget this year was all different. There was a member who talked about personal experiences and there was a member who talked about the memories felt while promoting. Stevie Wonder was mentioned once again. It was a double crown.

CL: I would have to answer it as the day that I met Stevie Wonder to this question also.

Minzy: I think it was the time when I volunteered with Sean. I think I cannot forget the moment when I took care of the kids when I visited Holt Children Welfare Center.

Bom: For me, it was holding a fan meeting for the first time in Japan and getting the award with ‘Missing You’.

Dara: It is almost the same for me too. The time when we were promoting ‘Missing You‘ is an unforgettable moment. We got awards few times and I cannot forget the stage that the fans voluntarily sang along altogether, no, I do not want to forget.

☞ Finally, the question 10. It is the question about things they are going to miss after this year passes. In one word, it is ‘2013 Missing You’ that 2NE1 shares. Missing you, missing you, what do you miss?

CL: It is a secret ^^

Minzy: I will miss 20 year old Minzy. It is the first year that I greeted as an adult and it is the moment that will now never come back.

Dara•Bom: I think it would be every single moment. If this year passes, I think I am going to miss all the moments in this year. Since, I can never go back, wouldn’t that be why every single moment is so valuable?

Credits: Star Cast

[ARTICLE] Starcast: “Star Anatomy 2NE1″


# Music & Vocal – The rapid progress of the female musician resulted from the changing phases of time in 2000s.

Overall comment: The leading role in girl groups as they are centered on women. Using a differentiated strategy with the individuality of each member.

– Jo Hong Kyung, the representative of Voiceffect (JTBC ‘Hidden Singer’ vocal masters)

In their early years, 2NE1 made their debut with a nickname ‘Woman BIGBANG’ and back then, they showed a differentiated strategy through the strong colors of each member. Their music had easy melodies, which made people of all ages easily sing along and it is also the advantage that 2NE1 has.

If we take a look at the members, CL is someone in which her charm develops along with her age. CL, who shows the most power and energy in vocals, has a chic charm that is like a rebel. Also in the team, she has the most powerful vocal style.

Bom has a voice with unique individuality and a solid singing ability and is raising the level of completeness in terms of music. She is someone who has a unique voice but it looks like that she needs to make more effort to make her strengths certainly stand out. Dara is the oldest in the group and is definitely a mood maker but in terms of singing, it is slightly not enough. Just like CL, ‘The dancer’ Minzy is a member that appeals to people with fantastic singing ability. Since she has an enormous charm as she is able to dance, it would be better if she is much bold and daring in expressing her power.


-Bae Soon Tak, music critic (The writer of MBC radio ‘Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp’)

The popular music itself has not much cases of being entirely described in relation to music. In most cases, the music decides its status based on the close relation it has with the society of a specific time period. This very fact is what makes 2NE1, a girl group with 4 members, important. Through their music, we can get a sense of a social atmosphere that changed after 2000s. Let’s think about their representative song ‘I Don’t Care’. The lyrics in the song convey the message ‘To a guy who is like a playboy, I don’t care if he leaves me’. Along with such a song and lyrics, 2NE1 made their fashion rather neutral and at times, chose to go with a powerful image.

To sort them in a much rough and wild way, it can be said that 2NE1 is a girl group who refused to give fantasies to men and instead, showed confident views that women has. This is never an exaggeration but is something that reflects the flow of time. Even globally, the one of the phenomenon in common was the rapid progress of women musicians and girl groups. It corresponds exactly with the level of changes in women rights that are rising as each year passes. The changes that first began with Madonna in 80’s are finally getting to shine with proper results and 2NE1 is the one who plays one of the main roles in it.


# Dance – Looks like the dance is wild and full of freedom but there is obvious beauty of moderation

Overall comment: CL’s charisma is blended with cuteness. Her confidence that comes from trust in herself is the biggest weapon.

– Ha Hwi Dong, Mnet ‘Dancing 9 Season1 MVP B-Boy steak

To me, the most important part of a performance is the intro part of the song and in the case of CL, her ability to start the song with her unique charisma blended with cuteness stands out. Dara looks like she will fit better with adorable dance moves from songs such as ‘Do you love me’. It is a song that gives a feeling that it has nicely pulled off cute dance moves that matches the most with Dara. Out of all the members, the one who dances in a comfortable way and shows her relaxed facial expression as a bonus is of course Minzy. Bom, who is in charge of vocal, does not get help from other members in her part but in other parts, her existence can be felt relatively strong and a lot.

– The singer Kim Wan Sun

I think to a singer, dancing is almost like a singer putting on a make-up and putting on the outfit. I view it as one of the ways to express the song and music in much fancier way. Of course, it would be better to dance like a professional dancer but it is hard to sing while showing that kind of dance moves. Also, I personally have a conservative way thinking that the main part is not supposed to be interrupted whatsoever. In that part, 2NE1’s dance cleverly does not interrupt the song but 2NE1 is still expressing their music in an individualized way. They look wild and full of freedom but there is a beauty of moderation in facial expressions and in the attitudes of the members. However, it looks like the confidence and self-esteem coming from working together with the staff members, who shows strong faith in the talents that 2NE1 has, is 2NE1’s powerful weapon that is stronger than all the dance moves with brilliant techniques.


# Fashion –From fresh chameleon to mature women

Overall comment: Street fashion + Black hip hop look added with luxurious mood.

– Designer Chae Gyu In

Since their debut, 2NE1 gave off a feeling that is like a chameleon. In outfits, if Tokyo and London street fashion and black hip hop look played the main role up till now, it looks like there is a ‘high end collection (Luxurious outfit)’ added to it recently. In previous albums, 2NE1 have been showing images that are like a bright young girl. But now, it could be seen little by little that 2NE1 is making an attempt to give changes to their images as fully grown-up women

Especially, in their newly released song ‘Missing You’, CL exposing her entire body looks like a way to actively trying to portray the characteristics of mature women. In the music video of ‘Missing You’, the hat with broad visor and the smoking look is an item that fits with the trend of ‘Restoring the old’ in 1970~80’s. It looks like that these outfits interpreted the ‘Restoring the old’ looks of the time with a modern sentiment. The concept that ‘Missing You’ gives a feeling like seeing a new version of the song ‘Lonely’, which was released in 2011. It is evaluated that in terms of sincerity, ‘Lonely’ is a step ahead. In ‘Missing You’, shows the charms of women and arouses curiosity through diverse and luxurious style of outfit such as a spangled skirt. It looks like right now is a time in which the attempt to break the frame by trying new things and by leaping to the next level is needed.


It looks like CL has the most choices for outfits out of 2NE1. She often surprises the crowd with her unconventional styles but her sense of matching the accessories or props that others did not try before is different from others. In real life, she shows skilled abilities in coming up with various styles of outfits such as being funky, chic or dressing like a man. Bom has a beautiful body figures so no matter whether it is on the stage or in daily life, she often wears micro miniskirts, skirts or shorts. Rather than sticking to the styles that emphasizes the leg, I think it would be better if she tries to much more various and bold styles.


Dara used to wear the most hip fashion out of all the members but recently, she has been showing daily-life look fashion that does not stand out by using fashion props but she still shows her sense. In contrast, when she is on the stage, she frequently enjoys elegant styles that show the beauty of woman. In the clothes that Dara wears in her daily life, it is most always a skinny jean with a belt. It looks like she showed her individuality nicely with her unique way of highlighting the fashion. Minzy is a member who shows most little change in style since her debut until now. She wears a jacket and matched with simple pants most of the time and it looks like that she chose to go with stable fashion and does not try anything bold.


# Facial features: Full of talents and a successful career
-Jo Gyu Moon, assistant professor at culture and arts graduate school Kyung-gi University, name and fortune research center

CL: First, when looking at her forehead, it is pretty neat and shiny so it is a good forehead. Forehead represents the fortune from earlier years of life to age 30 and also shows the fortune in the career. CL has good fortune in earlier years of her life so she has parents luck and also career luck. She has the facial features that tell that she will be successful with her own job. Eyebrows represent the fortune for siblings and her eyebrows are soft and clear so it is reminded of a crescent moon. When looking at this fact in regards to the relationships with the members, it means that the members in 2NE1 have a nice teamwork and is able to form good relationships. Her lips are thick and mouth is pointing upwards. This kind of lips means popularity and a precious fate. But, one thing bad among all the good is the fact that the nostrils can be slightly seen when looking at the face from the front. The meaning it carries is that even when you earn a lot of money, it is possible to have unnecessary spending from not managing the money well so it is necessary to be careful.

Bom:  If the forehead represents the fortune in earlier years in life, then the eyes and the nose is the fortune in mid-age and the mouth, both upper chin and lower chin, and the lowest chin represents the fortune in the end of life. Judging from the eyes and nose that represents the fortune in mid-age, her eyes have a clear distinction between black and white parts, meaning being healthy and wise and also being successful in career. The nose that represents wealth is also neat and stretched out with power so it looks like she will be earning a lot of money. To point out a part to be improved, her upper lips looks thinner than her lower lips so it would be good if she make her upper lips thick and red when putting on make-ups.


Dara: The shape of her face is oval and she is a typical beauty type. When dividing the face into three parts of eyes, nose, lips and both the upper chin and lower chin and the lowest chin, it has a 1:1:1 proportion so it can be said that she has a precious face. When looking at her forehead, she can be successful in terms of career and looking at the eyes, which show the health, she is showing good health. The nose, which represents wealth, is chubby so it is a nose that is pretty and will bring luck. However, a beauty is popular among people of opposite sex and it can be considered as a double-bladed sword.

Minzy: The end of her both of her eyes is slightly pointing upwards. It looks like her eyes make her unique individuality and charisma meaningful. Her eyes show that she is talented and skilled and these kinds of eyes are from a person is full of confidence. The part in between the eyes and the eyebrows are called ‘Jeontaekgoong’, which is related to realty. For Minzy, this part is formed relatively wide so it could be good for her to invest in realty. It looks like the part right below her eyes is rather plain but it looks like that Minzy will have fortune when she makes this part thicker and brighter and putting on make-ups.

Written by. Jang Seo Yoon (TenAsia)
Edited by. Choi Jin Sil (TenAsia)
Source: Naver