[VIDEO] Poland’s ‘Top 20 Songs’ for the month of January 2014 – Missing You at Number 9!

1. EXO – Miracles in December
2. VIXX – Voodoo Doll
3. TVXQ – Something
4. Block B – Very Good
5. Taeyang – Ringa Linga
6. Girl’s Day – Something
7. Junhyung – Flower
8. Trouble Maker – Now
9. 2NE1 – Missing You
10. EXO – Growl
11. G-Dragon – Crooked
12. Bangtan Boys – N.O
13. SHINee – Everybody
14. Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
15. miss A – Hush
16. Teen Top – Rocking
17. TOP – Doom DaDa
18. Rain – 30Sexy
19. Eunhyuk & Donghae – Still You
20. Rain – La Song

[NEWS] Will New 2NE1 Music Debut During ‘All Or Nothing’ World Tour Premiere? Dara Teases Blackjacks With Mysterious Concert Set List!

2NE1-Naver Starcast-2 As 2NE1 prepares for their world tour “All or Nothing,” much attention is being put on the set list and whether a brand new music will appear on it.

Most Blackjacks know that “All or Nothing” is being touted as the name of 2NE1’s second world tour, as well as the name of an upcoming album.

members of 2NE1 have been quoted saying they’ve been working on the new album and hope to have new music out before the tour begins, nothing has been released so far since “Missing You” last year.

Recently, 2NE1 member Dara Park updated fans with some behind-the-scenes photos and captionsregarding a YG conference meeting about the concert.

In the very first photo, Dara teases what appears to be a document showing the set list for the concert. However, it is obscured and we do not see the songs that 2NE1 will bring to the stage.

“Are you guys curious about it? That is a secret for now! Check it out at the concert hall,” writes Dara according to YG-Ladies.

This particular hint is leading many Blackjacks to speculate that new 2NE1 music will indeed debut along with the concert in March.

Lately, Blackjacks have been quite upset over what they think to be a lack of support from YG, and some Blackjacks are predicting that the promised new album will not appear as scheduled.

“[Yang Hyun-suk] gave an interview and had the audacity to mention 2NE1 in reference to anything but making music. He basically said there are no plans for a 2NE1 album, which means he lied. Again. He didn’t even mention the tour. He’s already checked out on them,” writes TJay.

Do you think a new 2NE1 album or single is still forthcoming before the world tour? Or do you think Blackjacks will be disappointed once again?

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[ARTICLE] Sports Chosun Reveal their ’2014 Girl Group Ranking’ – 2NE1 in Top Tier

Girl Group-Chosun-Ranking

After releasing their ’2013 Girl Group Ranking’ last year, Sports Chosun is back with their ’2014 Girl Group Ranking’. The media outlet talked to various representatives in the singing world to get their assessment of girl groups so far in 2014 to reveal what they believe is the current hierarchy of female idol groups.


Unsurprisingly, the first tier, labeled ‘Impossible to Surpass, 4th Level Wall’ (aka the ‘insurmountable wall’) has Girls’ Generation and 2NE1comfortably within the layer. This is undoubtedly the highest level of achievement for any girl group, and impressively enough, Sports Chosun and various reps decided that SISTAR has managed to enter this level through their widely successful hit “Give It To Me“.  All their songs have been majorly popular, but this one especially was able to break them through to move one step up from the previous level, ‘Nationwide,’ which probably suggests nationwide popularity.

Girls’ Generation managed to keep their position with ease for 3 years straight, but on the case of 2NE1, Sports Chosun says the various music insiders were conflicted on whether to keep them there. Although 2NE1 released several songs last year and led active promotions overseas as well, insiders seem to feel slightly conflicted because of high expectations for them. The reps say because the girls are 2NE1, they should have done more to surpass Girls’ Generation’s popularity.

*Omitted unrelated parts

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[ARTICLE] Sistar, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation are Hottest 3


Girls’ Generation or 2NE1?

A recent survey of entertainment industry experts showed that Girls’ Generationand 2NE1 are the two groups still at the top of K-pop, but are now sharing the turf with Sistar.

Five album directors, three promoters, two K-pop reporters, and two training managers were surveyed by the Sports Chosun, a daily specializing in entertainment and sports news. The girl groups were evaluated and ranked into six categories based on sales, popularity, impact on the K-pop scene and growth potential.

It found that the four-member Sistar has proven its star quality with such hits as “Give it to Me” last year, to make the top tier.

The nine-member Girls’ Generation also lived up to its fame last year by winning several international music awards with its January release of “I Got a Boy.”

The four-member 2NE1 were rated as faring generally well in domestic and overseas markets; the group has announced a world tour for this year.

“In contrast to Girls’ Generation, Sistar has concentrated on the domestic market. And this was crucial in beating out its long-time rival in the survey,” an unidentified music industry insider was quoted as saying in a related story.

Just below the top group stood f(x) and Girl’s’ Day, the former affirming its future potential with the last year’s hit song “Rum Pum Pum Pum” and the latter with this year’s “Something.”

The survey said a third category is comprised of miss A, 4minute, Secret and A pink. It was followed closely by After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet and KARA. KARA fell by one notch, compared with the same survey last year, due to the departure of two popular members ㅡ Nicole and Kang Ji-young ㅡ in January.

Credits: Korea Times via oh-dara.com

[ARTICLE] Fuse TV: “Model Behavior: 37 Musicians in Fashion Campaigns” – 2NE1 At Number 3

Music and fashion operate so closely to each other, there are bound to be collisions. Fortunately, the consequences are usually awesome. From pop divas to rock stars, from high fashion to sportswear- these ads are what happens when musician becomes muse.

Not only did the K-Pop cuties star in their own campaign for Adidas Originals, they also collaborated with designer/2NE1 fan Jeremy Scott to design a limited edition pair of sneakers for the brand in 2012, and teamed up with them again in Fall 2013.

Source: Fuse TV via @foreverwithdara

[ARTICLE] Why we still love K-pop star Sandara Park

Last Oct. 24, Filipino K-Pop fans were blown away by phenomenal Hallyu superstars Big Bang in an unforgettable concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. What the fans didn’t anticipate was the arrival of another K-Pop superstar, Sandara Park of Hallyu group 2NE1, who flew in to support her YG Entertainment labelmates.

Sandara Park, also known as Dara, holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipino K-Pop fans. Having lived in the Philippines with her family from 1994 to 2007, Park is comfortable with Pinoy culture and fluent in the language.

In 2004, after placing second to Hero Angeles in ABS-CBN’s “Star Circle Quest” reality talent competition, she launched a successful entertainment career, until 2007, when it was revealed to a stunned public that she would be part of a new girl group, 2NE1, that would go on to become a runaway K-Pop success.

Unannounced visit to Manila

Park flew into Manila virtually unannounced on Oct. 23 She teased fans with a tweet at 5:38 a.m. of the same day, saying “Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat~!!! ang aga ko nagising!!! Have a nice day! :)” (“Good morning to everyone~!!! I woke up early!!! Have a nice day! ;)).

When word got out that the charismatic entertainer was in town for the Big Bang concert, fans went on a Twitter frenzy, sending the hashtag #MABUHAYDARA straight to the top of Twitter’s Philippine trends.

Over the next few days, Park’s natural charm and self-deprecating humor was evident on Twitter, where she tweets as @krungy21—a reference to her Pinoy showbiz nickname, “Ang Pambansang Krung Krung,” a made-up word that means kooky or mental.

Switching from Filipino, Korean, and English, she kept both Korean and Filipino fans up-to-date on her sudden, unexpected vacation.

Tweets and twitpics 

In Manila, she tweeted a photo of herself striking a pose at the Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan. She uploaded pictures of popular Filipino icons, including fast food meals from competing giants Jollibee and McDonald’s. Seemed like Dara missed her Chickenjoy and Longganiza with Rice.

Dara also tweeted to followers that she jet-skied in Subic. True to form, she uploaded pictures of the concert, featuring fans (and herself) holding up their fierce Big Bang lightsticks.

Missing Manila

Days after her return to Korea, Park clearly had a Manila hangover.  At 12:14 p.m. on Oct.  28, she waxed sentimental,  tweeting the lyrics to the classic pop hit by Hotdog called”Manila.” Dara wrote:  “Maraming beses na kitang nilayasan~iniwanan at ibang pinuntahan~parang lalaking mahirap talagang malimutan~ikaw lamang ang aking binabalikan” (“Many times I left~left and went to another place, like a man difficult to forget, I return only to you.”).

Four minutes later, she followed this up with a picture of the Manila cityscape, apparently taken from the airplane she was riding, and completed the chorus of the song: “Manila~ Manila~ I keep coming back to Manila~ simply no place like Manila~ Manila I’m coming home~~~!!! hehehe.”

Over the course of the past week, Sandara Park showed why she is both Korea’s Queen of Social Media and a popular adopted daughter of the Philippines. Since relaunching a Twitter account, she retitled her profile description to “Pambansang KrungKrung ng Pilipinas.” Dara has engaged followers in three languages, kept information coming, and stayed true to herself and her Filipino roots.

Few people can do it the way Sandara Park can, and that’s is one of the many reasons why she remains well-loved.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Fan Shirt Spotted On Boy Band The Wanted

K-pop spreads across the globe, 2NE1 is receiving a lot of attention from international celebrities and publications.

As some Blackjacks may know, 2NE1 is particularly adored by Jay, a member of the English-Irish boy band The Wanted.

Recently, a photo of Jay wearing a 2NE1 T-shirt while signing autographs has spread online, delighting Blackjacks everywhere.


This is not the first time Jay has shown his love of 2NE1. You can catch him singing “I Am the Best” below:

With 2NE1 preparing their second world tour and a new album, it is nice to know that international celebrities are also keeping their eyes on the YG girl group.

But The Wanted is not the only one touting 2NE1 fashion.

2NE1 along with fellow YG labelmates Taeyang and G-Dragon of Big Bang are featured in a recent feature by New York Magazine, highlighting K-pop fashion.

In particular, the magazine highlights 2NE1 for their stunning airport fashion and ever-changing looks.

After appearing on “The Bachelor,” it seems the 2NE1 brand is expanding rapidly across the world.

Hopefully a new album will soon follow which Blackjacks have been patiently waiting for.

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[ARTICLE] 2NE1′s “I Am the Best” Rises to the Top of the Charts After Their Appearance on “The Bachelor”

On January 27, 2NE1 appeared on ABC’s hit reality show “The Bachelor,” fostering a new interest in the girl group in the United States and Canada.

The cast of “The Bachelor” visited YG Entertainment headquarters in South Korea. The show introduced YG to the cast as the place where “K-Pop in South Korea happens,” and compared 2NE1 to the Spice Girls, saying that 2NE1 are megastars in Korea. 2NE1 then welcomed the cast, who came into their dance studio, and taught them the dance to “I Am the Best.”

One of the girls on the show said, awestruck, “2NE1 is huge here in Korea. Their YouTube video has 77 million views. Million. That’s a lot of views.” 2NE1 also invited the “Bachelor” cast to perform with them for “I Am the Best” during their mini concert at Times Square in Seoul.

Following the broadcast of “The Bachelor,” 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” shot up to 3rd place on the U.S. iTunes’ electronic singles chart, and took over the top spot on Canada’s electronic singles chart, as well.

In other news, 2NE1 will be starting their second world tour in March at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium.

Source: Soompi