[VIDEO] Poland’s ‘Top 20 Songs’ for the month of January 2014 – Missing You at Number 9!

1. EXO – Miracles in December
2. VIXX – Voodoo Doll
3. TVXQ – Something
4. Block B – Very Good
5. Taeyang – Ringa Linga
6. Girl’s Day – Something
7. Junhyung – Flower
8. Trouble Maker – Now
9. 2NE1 – Missing You
10. EXO – Growl
11. G-Dragon – Crooked
12. Bangtan Boys – N.O
13. SHINee – Everybody
14. Jaejoong – Just Another Girl
15. miss A – Hush
16. Teen Top – Rocking
17. TOP – Doom DaDa
18. Rain – 30Sexy
19. Eunhyuk & Donghae – Still You
20. Rain – La Song

[ARTICLE] Sports Chosun Reveal their ’2014 Girl Group Ranking’ – 2NE1 in Top Tier

Girl Group-Chosun-Ranking

After releasing their ’2013 Girl Group Ranking’ last year, Sports Chosun is back with their ’2014 Girl Group Ranking’. The media outlet talked to various representatives in the singing world to get their assessment of girl groups so far in 2014 to reveal what they believe is the current hierarchy of female idol groups.


Unsurprisingly, the first tier, labeled ‘Impossible to Surpass, 4th Level Wall’ (aka the ‘insurmountable wall’) has Girls’ Generation and 2NE1comfortably within the layer. This is undoubtedly the highest level of achievement for any girl group, and impressively enough, Sports Chosun and various reps decided that SISTAR has managed to enter this level through their widely successful hit “Give It To Me“.  All their songs have been majorly popular, but this one especially was able to break them through to move one step up from the previous level, ‘Nationwide,’ which probably suggests nationwide popularity.

Girls’ Generation managed to keep their position with ease for 3 years straight, but on the case of 2NE1, Sports Chosun says the various music insiders were conflicted on whether to keep them there. Although 2NE1 released several songs last year and led active promotions overseas as well, insiders seem to feel slightly conflicted because of high expectations for them. The reps say because the girls are 2NE1, they should have done more to surpass Girls’ Generation’s popularity.

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[NEWS] ‘Winner TV’ Winner to Cover 2NE1’s ‘Missing You’

YG Entertainment’s new boy group Winner will be challenging its senior group, 2NE1.

January 24’s broadcast of Mnet’s Winner TV will feature the Winner members covering 2NE1’s Missing You.

Missing You is a winter ballad song of 2NE1 that ranked number one on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of nine major music sites in Korea soon after its release last November.


Winner will be re-introducing the hit song with its unique harmony of vocals, starting off with Song Min Ho’s rapping.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of Winner TV will also feature the members holding a sports competition, as they compete against each other in running, sled racing and wrestling in the snow.

Stay tuned for the episode airing on January 24 at 10 pm! (KST)

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[NEWS] 2NE1, confessed their soft inner minds in the world tour documentary.. ‘Showed tears’

2NE1-All Or Nothing-Group

with 2nd world tour ‘AON (ALL OR NOTHING)’ coming close.

This video that has an interview format was revealed through YG official blog (www.yg-life.com) on the early morning of January 21st and it was filmed in the shooting site of 2NE1 poster, which became the center of attention with a fantasy vibe. The documentary teaser is about 3 minutes long and it is getting attention with the phrases that show serious but soft side of 2NE1 members, who only have been showing happy and powerful sides so far.

Bom showed tears with the phrases “Right now at this moment? I think this is love. Towards people?” and CL is also arousing curiosity by saying “People around me keep saying ‘How do they manage to do that?’ and it naturally made me not to do it. Since I am also a person”.

Minzy said “We play on the stage… but you can think of it as we are playing until we die just to survive” and honestly shared her resolutions to make effort to show powerful side on the stage until now.

Dara said “I think 2NE1 is just like me. It is like my name… the first time when I felt that was after 2NE1’s first concert” and was almost about to cry and said “The people who are on top have gathered so it seems like I always think about ‘What is the role I can play in the group’ even until now” and shared her worries as a singer.

This video which was filmed with hand-held method and a cinema tone is an opportunity to see another side of 2NE1 members that contrasts with fancy make-up and outfits. It is giving rise to the feeling of anticipation about what kind of things they are going to show in 2014 as the dates for their world tour and comeback is coming near.

Also on this day, along with the teaser, the world tour main poster that has fantasy vibe was revealed. In the poster, the members are showing charms that are dreamy and full of feminine characteristics as if they are a space goddess.

Along with preparing for the new album, 2NE1, who are going on a 2nd world tour first time as a girl group, is expected to meet with the fans overseas in 13 cities of 9 countries of Korea, Japan and China and so on through 17 sets of performances.

The world tour will start off with the performance in Seoul, which will take place on March 1st and 2nd at Olympics Park SK Handball Stadium located in Bangee-dong, Songpa-gu in Seoul. The ticket reservation for Seoul performance is expected to be made available on January 21st and 22nd through G Market.

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[MEWS] 2NE1 Becomes First K-pop Girl Group To Get 2MM Youtube Channel Subscribers!


Artists of YG Entertainment continue to prove that they are very influential when it comes to having an empire of followers and supporters.

Big Bang quite sometime ago made it as the first K-Pop group to surpass 2 million YouTube subscribers. And then there is Psy, of course. Psy continues to top the list for the most viewed video, and having close to 7MM subscribers!

Now, another YG Entertainment talent is gaining much attention. K-pop’s fierce girl group, 2NE1, very recently became the first ever female group to reach 2MM subscribers! With excitement pouring for their next album and world tour, All or Nothing, it looks like 2NE1‘s Youtube channel is also getting busy.

2NE1 is currently preparing for their world tour, which is set to begin at home in Seoul at the end of the month. They will also be participating in the recently announced YG Family concert.

Congratulations 2NE1 for this newest achievement!

Expect more surprises from other YG Entertainment this coming months!

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[NEWS] Sandara Park’s Teaser, Sci-Fi Heroine Beauty


2NE1 has unveiled the teasers for its members for their second world tour, “AON (ALL OR NOTHING).”

On the 17th, 2NE1′s Minzy and Sandara Park‘s teaser images for their world tour was revealed on YG Entertainment’s official blog (www.yg-life.com).

Sandara Park‘s teaser was attention-grabbing with the outer space background, with her colorful eye make-up and bold accessories. Sandara Park has made another transformation, as it gives off a fantasy-like atmosphere.

On the other hand, Minzy‘s teaser with her unique pose and outer space background, was also eye-catching as well. Minzy‘s colorful eye make-up and fashionable nail art drew attention, but what was more eye-catching was her emerald-colored long hair in straight style, showing off different kind of charm. Because Minzyis mostly known for her bob-cut hairstyles, this change of hair length drew an explosive reaction from the fans.

On the 15th, 2NE1‘s world tour and new album, which has yet to be released, were revealed to have the title, “2NE1 AON (ALL OR NOTHING)” garnering a hot response, specially with the release of 2NE1′s teaser on the same day. The teasers for Park Bom and CL is also gathering anticipation.

This would be 2NE1‘s second world tour, performing in countries like Korea, Japan, China, etc. in a total of nine countries, and in the cities of Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yokohama, etc. numbering to a total of 17 performances in 13 cities. The tour would be kick-starting on March 1 and 2 in Seoul Olympic Park Handball Arena.

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[NEWS] 2NE1 as a fantasy women warrior? The world tour teaser image is revealed..’Mysterious+fancy’

[OSEN=Kim Sara] The teaser image of a girl group 2NE1’s 2nd world tour ‘AON- ALL OR NOTHING’ is revealed and is drawing the attention.


On YG official blog on the midnight of January 17th, the world tour teaser images of2NE1 members Minzy and Dara were posted.

In the revealed picture, Dara is grabbing the attention with fancy make-up and bold accessories with outer space as the background. It gives a look into Dara’s another transformation as it gives off fantasy vibe. Minzy also made a unique pose with outer space as the background and is getting the attention. Minzy grabbed the attention with fancy eye make-up and fashionable nail art. She especially showed off different kind of charm with long emerald-colored hair.

2NE1 have a case of receiving hot interests as the world tour and their title of the new album ‘2NE1 AON’ is revealed on January 15th and with revealing of the teasers for each of the members, 2NE1 aroused more curiosity. There is also hot interest toward Bom and CL’s teaser image, which is not yet revealed.

The fans who saw the teaser image said ‘2NE1, this concept really is the bomb’, ‘The vibe of Minzy and Dara is cool’ and ‘I look forward to Bom and CL’s teaser image’ and so on and showed joyful anticipation.

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s 2nd world tour is expected to take place in 9 countries of Korea, Japan and China and so on and in 13 cities of Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Yokohama and so on with 17 sets of performances. Starting from March 1st and March 2nd, they will start off their world tour with the performance in Seoul in SK Handball Stadium in Olympics Park located in Bangee-dong, Songpa-gu in Seoul.

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[NEWS] 2NE1 Reveals Title of Stellar New Album and 2014 World Tour!



We’re getting closer to the long-awaited album from 2NE1!

After teasing earlier today about the title of their new album in their video conference clip for their world tour, 2NE1 has finally revealed that the title is “AON- All of Nothing” through a poster uploaded onto yg-life.com.

Through the poster, we can also expect that the tour and album will take on a “stellar” concept as it shows the four members standing on top of the planet looking out into the stars. The girls are in shadow, and perhaps future teasers will slowly light them up as more details about the new album are unveiled.

2NE1 will start their “All of Nothing 2013 World Tour” on March 1 in Seoul, as the first girl group to go on their second world tour. The group so far has nine countries confirmed for the world tour, including U.S. and China, hitting 13 cities and 17 concert dates.

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Taking steps closer to its upcoming tour, 2NE1 unveiled a new poster with a title presumed to be for its second world tour and new album.

On January 15, YG Entertainment revealed a new poster, which boldly reads, “AON / All or Nothing / 2014 World Tour & New Album.” The poster showed the silhouettes of the four members walking on a globe into space, shimmering in briliant pink and purple.

2NE1 will be kicking of its second world tour in Seoul on March 1 and 2 at the Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium. Tickets will be sold on January 21 and 22 through G-Market.

Following the Seoul concert, 2NE1 will be heading off to nine different countries with more being added.

Preparing for the upcoming events, 2NE1 also recently held its first global video conference with the co-directors, Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, who organized 2NE1′s first world tour.

Source: Mwave + 2NE1YT