[VIDEO+AUDIO] WINNER’s Cover of “Missing You”



Youtube Credit: jw lee@YT via @the2ne1hour
Audios By: daraparkph@soundcloud | Dara Park Philippines

[AUDIO] 131006 Dara & CL’s 2NE1 LINE Update


Dara: This is Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
CL: (laughs) What is this? What do I have to say?
CL and Dara: Hello
Dara: This is CL
CL: I’m CL
Dara: I’m Ssandora Park
CL: (laughs) It’s weird!!
Dara: Goodnight-yong~ Ppyong!

Line Audio #2
Dara: Ah I forgot something. This is the 118th floor
CL: Hahaha why are you talking like this unnie?
Dara: Because I’m graceful
CL: Because you drank wine right?
Dara: woahhh~~ Ah it’s so romantic and the night view is so beautiful
CL: Goodbam!
Dara: Goodbam! We’re on the highest floor!
CL and Dara: Bye~ Goodnight!

Translated by: @sgbjcrew
Credit: @ForeverWithDara

[LINE] 130804 Double Park Radio ft. Kang Seung Yoon (Audio Message) in Double Park Taxi


KSY: Hi everyone.. Hello I am Kang Seungyoon.

Dara & Bom: Woo hoo~~

KSY: Now I am in Dara’s taxi for Double Park TV.


KSY: Ah no..

Dara & KSY: Double Park Taxi!!

KSY: Double Park Taxi! Ah sorry..

Dara: It is where Dara drives! It is where Sandara drives!

KSY: Her mouth (how she says) is upright!

Dara & Bom: Hahahaha /claps/

Bom: Wow we won over KSY~!!!

KSY: I am now riding Double Park Taxi as a first guest..

Dara & Bom: Welcome~^_^

KSY: Yes~ Thank you!

Bom: Okay so don’t only talk about that.. but.. yes.. so can you promote for us?

KSY: Yes of course. Okay so Double Park TV…..

Bom: 2NE1

KSY: 2NE1…..

Bom: Lol you repeat everything what I say..!

Dara: /laughs/

KSY: So even if you love 2NE1 a lot, please love 2NE1’s in the future too/

Dara & Bom: The promotion for that ended! Do You Love Me, Do You Love Me!

KSY: Please also love that will be coming out soon.

Bom: It could be released tomorrow..

KSY: Oh really..?

Dara: Uh? No, it’s the 7th..

Bom: Oh but tomorrow..the music video../mumbles/ Mr. YG said that he will release it (the teaser) tomorrow..

Dara: Omomomomomo?? Really???? Aigo omomomomo..!!!

Bom: AH AH this might not be legit!!

Dara: Ya we don’t know it yet~~!

Bom: Yes whatsoever everyone, what I said could be wrong.. I’m always out of my mind b/c of my sleepiness right? Okay go to the next section.

KSY: So please love a lot ^_^ I heard it in the studio when I passed it,

Dara & Bom: Woaaahh~~~

Bom: How was it?
KSY: It’s really.. In my opinion, and as a fan who likes 2NE1 noona’s songs, the song sounds good even to an artist’s ears. Yup.. it was a really good song.

Dara: Woah~ he’s a good friend.

KSY: Since it was really good, I..

Bom: What’s the mood and feeling of the song when you heard it? It’s kind of sharp and yeah, I’m questioning him right now just to make sure if he really heard it.

KSY: No.. I heard it… but! certainly! it is a song just like my that matches up well in summer. Kyaah~ seriously everybody, if you listen to it in summer, you will never regret it!

Dara & Bom: Wooah~~~~

KSY: I will guarantee that now.

Bom: Mr. KSY is cheering for us now~

Dara: We also cheer for KSY!

All three: Yeah~~!!! Woo hoo~!!!

Bom: And if you watch Double Park TV soon, you can see a better picture of this!

KSY: Yup that’s right.

Bom: Yes please look forward to it!

Dara: Yes, oh wait it’s almost 3 minutes!!!

Bom: Okay then hey! /laughs ㅋㅋ/

Dara: Hey Hey Hey?????

Bom: Okay Bbyong!!

Translated by @2ne1bbmania
Korean Subtitles by @closer_21

[LINE] 130804 Double Park Radio ft. @rjinpeace at Noraebang

130804 Double Park Radio ft. @rjinpeace (Line Audio Message) at Karaoke


Dara: We are now at a karaoke!!!
/cheers/ wooh~~~~~
Dara: Ah~~ Enjoying it!!!
Bom: Hey I’m surprised because you just started it without even telling me..
Dara: Do you have any episode about karaoke? I have one!
Bom: What? Woah that thing (**note = Dara)…
Dara: Okay so it was long time ago in the Philippines when I was really famous.
Bom: Her fame was superb.. Woaah~~!!!
Dara: One day I!! went to a karaoke but suddenly my friends either went to the toilet, or called somebody, and one by one, they left.. (Dara waited for 10,15 minutes)..
Bom: Heol..
Dara: So I.. Heol.. So I thought maybe there will be nobody and so, I sang Alicia Keys’ “Some People Want It All”.
Bom: Oh oh oh!!! I know!
Dara: That song! I sang that song but since there was nobody I decided to show off my singing skills. So I sang:

“Some people want it all but I **DON’T!!!!!!!!!! (voice cracks ㅋㅋㅋ)

@rjinpeace : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~~ (his laugh sounds like a crow)

Dara: It became like this!!!! So.. OMG!!! I assumed that nobody heard it because it was so embarrassing. After that I wanted to go home, but a karaoke worker looked at me and giggled. Looks like everyone heard it T_T.. Ya that’s it.


Dara: Crow!! Mr. Crow has good singing skills!


Bom: Everyone (the fans) recognized Mr. Crow today and they were so happy, yelling,” That’s Mr. Crow!” He became a famous person.. People thought he was a woman..
Dara: He is a man and he’s handsome! He and I will soon..
@rjinpeace: @%#^!*
Dara: What??


Dara: I will be doing a duet with him later! Bye everyone~ Bbyong!!

Translated by: 2ne1bbmania
Korean Subtitles by @closer_21