[ARTICLE] Battle of the K-pop Blondes: Female Edition

We’ve seen K-Pop stars sport even the most bizaare hair colours and styles, but no one else can rock that blonde look like these babes can.

When Sandara turned blonde for “Falling In Love”, everyone else fell in love, too! And I mean, who wouldn’t? In the music video alone, she was a goddess! In more ways than one she was definitely the “Golden Girl”.

Whatever hair colour she dons—red, brown, black—the blonde Gyuri never fails to standout. She had that more feminine look as a blonde. In some ways, she reminds us of that pretty girl who sat quietly in class but was adored by most.

Seeing Luna blonde was a relief. She was donning too much black hair that it almost added ages to her beauty. When she turned blonde, she looked years younger—perhaps even younger than she actually is. In this photo, she just looks like everyone’s favorite little sister.

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[FASHION] Dara Wearing Baleciaga Wool Coat, Happy Socks and Thom Browne at the “Nut Job:The Peanut Thieves” Premiere



Black oversize Wool Coat
PRICE: € 1.395,00

Credits: yoo86kyh@NaverBlog

Dara-Happy Socks-Fashion

Happy Socks
Polka Dot Socks
PRICE: $ 12

Dara-Thom Browne-Shoes-Fashion

Thom Browne
Crepe Sole Wnigtip Brogues
PRICE: $1,000.00

Credits: yoo86kyh@NaverBlog

[FASHION] Dara Rocking Human Potential and Saint Laurent During KLIVE Hologram Hall Event



Human Potential
UFO Fur Hat
Price: $125


Saint Laurent
Classic Babydoll Caban Coat in Black Wool
Price:  $ 2,550


Saint Laurent
Striped Sleeveless T-shirt 

Credits: yoo86kyh@NaverBlog

[FEATURE+FASHION] Starcast: How To Wear Skinny Jeans – Learn it from the Girl Groups

Girl group the principle of fashion, has to must show off slim body figures no matter what kind of clothes they wear. They have to react fast to what is popular and have to lead the trend. Skinny jean is an It item in that aspect. Just wearing it highlights the beautiful body figure and it matches well with everything.

We learn from girl groups!!

The first is a way to wear the skinny jean. The styling of girl groups’ skinny jean is divided into 4 parts. ▶Being chic with a leather skinny jean, ▶ showing off charisma with a ripped skinny jean. ▶Look fantastically cool with a printed skinny jean, ▶also emphasize the natural charm with a basic skinny jean.

We took a close look into girl groups’ skinny jean styling and ways to apply.

◆ Leather skinny jean = The experts of skinny jean wears this often. The style varies depending on whether it is glossy or not. Being glossy can emphasize sexiness and having no gloss can emphasize chicness.

Best girl = When it comes to a leather skinny jean, it is of course Hyun-a. She loves wearing the leather skinny jean regardless of whether it is on the stage, the photo wall or the real way. It is an item that is hard to be pulled off but there is no such thing as embarrassment. She shows a perfect beauty of the body figure by making the leather skinny jean stick tight to her slim body. Because of that, the sexy charm is upgraded.

How to = It is not Hyun-a if it looks normal. She matches the leopard fur to a leather skinny jean for the most of the time. But, to avoid ‘Too much’ styling, she unifies the top and bottom entirely with black. She makes her legs look long~er by wearing kill hills that is made up of similar material as the leather skinny jean.

The point = It is a leopard fur jacket that covers the waist slightly. Because of the short length, it is really showing the slim waist. A brown fur and the leather skinny jean are matching well in a fancy way. She heightened the sexy atmosphere with gold short hair and thick smoky make-ups.

Ways to apply ① Add leather to the leather!

If fur is too burdensome, then leather + leather style also looks good. It can give off a chic vibe while reducing the burden. Victoria matched a leather skinny jean to a leather rider jacket at the airport. She made it look less boring by adding in white details to the jacket and shoes.

Ways to apply ② Use a long outer jacket!

If the waist and hip line that is revealed in between the leather skinny jean, try matching the long outer clothes. It is the method of styling that CL uses often. To a khaki long military jacket that is trimmed with fur, she wore a black skinny jean. To this, she added charisma with thick chain necklace and walker shoes.

Ways to apply ③ With basic coat, the burden ↓

It is a way to coordinate the leather skinny jean that everyone can pull off easily. In the case of Yuri, she wore a light khaki coat with a leather skinny jean. She chose a tight coat, hid her legs and emphasized the beauty of body figure. To this, she wore black shoes that have noticeable kill hills and aimed for a rock chic charm.

◆ Ripped skinny jean = A ripped skinny jean is still highly popular even in the cold winter season. The ripped skinny jean has 2 styles. It is either to rip it in a really bold way until the knees are revealed or just slightly rip it. Let’s try the punk look with the ripped jean alone.

The best = The one who lead the ripped skinny jean style is Dara. She loves it so much that she has ripped skinny jean for every color. She shows a twist in her image with wild ripped skinny jean as it contrasts with her pretty looks.

How to = She style it in a manly way with a ripped skinny jean such as wearing a white t-shirt with a skinny jean that only ripped slightly the knee part. To this, layer the blue plaid shirt with black cardigan. She added charisma with black buckle boots.

The point = The point was the detail in the skinny jean. Dara’s skinny jean is connected in a row with silver chains from thigh to knee. Just like someone who prefers styles that are full of individuality, even her ripped skinny jean was different.

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[FEATURE+FASHION] Fuse TV: “10 Dope Looks From 2NE1 Throughout the Years”

Since debuting in 2009, this fierce K-pop girl group has earned international attention not only for their addictive music, but also for their forward-thinking fashion. Here’s 10 of our favorite looks from the quartet

Spreading K-Pop While Looking Fierce

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-1

While 2NE1 led the way for Korean pop and hip hop’s international advancement, they always did so looking way fierce and ultra fashionable. Here are CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy with the JS Wings Adidas sneakers, created for them by fashion-forward designer Jeremy Scott.

High Hair, High Chart Positions

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-2

Check out how high Dara’s hair got at the MTV World Stage VMAJ 2010 in Tokyo.

Dope Tracksuits, Anyone?

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-3

The quartet even makes workout gear look super fresh!

So Hood

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-4

That’s CL hidden under her hood…we feel you, girl. Sometimes you just gotta keep your style under wraps.

The More Patterns, The Better

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-5

In 2NE1 Land, there’s no such thing as contrasting patterns.

“Gold Chains, Swingin’ Left-Right”

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-6

In 2NE1 Land, there’s no such thing as contrasting patterns.

“Gold Chains, Swingin’ Left-Right”

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-7

The name 2NE1 comes from a combination of the phrases “21st century” and “new evolution.” Don’t question it: These looks are the future.

The Girls’ Best Features

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-8

The girls looking flashy at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in Seoul saw CL showing off her toned tummy, Dara sporting a crazy hair color (and rocking it, of course), Bom flashing her in-shape legs and Minzy looking cute as a button.

Unicorns? Yes, Please!

Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-9

Seriously. Who else could wear a unicorn stapled across her dress and look hot?!?


Fuse TV-Fashion-2NE1-10

Every good girl group knows you need multi-colored, bedazzled shoulder pads.

Credits: FUSE TV