[POLL] 130810 “DO YOU LOVE ME Voting Campaign”

Annyeong Blackjacks! Last August 8,2013 our ladies released their self-made MV for DO YOU LOVE ME. On the same day, they performed DO YOU LOVE ME live as their second comeback stage for this year. But we’re lacking something. You know what I mean Blackjacks, our voting powers is not as powerful as before. DO YOU LOVE ME achieved an all-kill status after it was released. I encourage all Blackjacks to create an account here www.mnet.com and we can use the account that we will create on that website for MAMA voting. I want to regain our powers and I know that we can do it! We can help 2NE1 by voting ‘coz we contribute 5% on every MUSIC SHOWS because we’re the Global Fans. Let’s support 2NE1’s latest single DO YOU LOVE ME, don’t forget to put #DOYOULOVEME or #2NE1 on your tweets for SNS Points and keep on voting! NOLZA! 🙂

VOTE HERE: http://m.mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote.m?lang=eng&mcdMenuId=menu2_1

*Here is current MNET ranking

PHOTO: credit from MNET



*2NE1’s FALLING IN LOVE at number 9

PHOTO: credit from KBSkbs

[REMINDER] “Falling In Love” Let’s All Make It Stay at #1 ~!!!!

Aside from YouTube~ lets all watch 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” M/V on this different sites~!!!! It’ll make them stays at #1 ^_______^ fighting~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SORIBADA – http://www.soribada.com/

BUGS – http://music.bugs.co.kr/newPlayer?trackId=3111485

MelOn – http://www.melon.com/cds/main/web/playermusicvideo_list.htm?paramType=Mv&p_songid=4165390&p_mvid=50116003

MNET – http://mwave.interest.me/video/musicvideosdetail.m?searchMusicVideosVO.mv_id=46029

OLLEH – http://www.ollehmusic.com/