[INSTAGRAM] Dara (#daraxxi): “Thank you Rick Owens Seoul store”


#RickOwens x #Adidas ♥ Thank you Rick Owens Seoul store

And Rick Owens Store in Seoul Shares a Photo of Dara at their Store~ ^^

Dara-Instagram-tweet-Rick Owens

Sandara of 2ne1 at Rick Owens Dosan FSS🙏#RickOwens #sandarapark #sandara #2ne1 #adidas#14ss

Source: Dara’s Instagram and Rick Owens Instagram

[INSTAGRAM] Dara Shares A Photo of Dadoongie and a Crazy Pose with a Dog?




What is Dadoongie doing?!? ㅋㅋㅋ


We are crazy dog~ everybody in the place go ho~!!!
(Dara’s Caption is a Bigbang Song called “Crazy Dog” ^^)


Source: Dara’s Twitter & Instagram
Translated by @kristinekwak and @ilove2ne1girls