[INSTAGRAM] FuseTV News Desk and Liz Walaszczyk with 2NE1 During and After the Interview

Fuse TV - 2NE1

Tonight on #fusenews, our own @lizispersona talks with the ladies of #2NE1. We’re celebrating #kpop all week long! It all starts tonight at 7:30 eastern on@FuseTV

Fuse TV - 2NE1 - 1

The ladies of 2NE1are first up this week @chaelin_cl@haroobommi @minzy21mz #2NE1 #kpop #CL #Seoul#fusenews

Sources: @lizispersona + fusenewsdesk

[INSTAGRAM/TWITTER] Heechul Update with Beautiful Dara and Si Kyung: “Seriously, Sandara Park’s face is just as big as my thumb”


“I was on Instagram and the other MCs were watching Gayo Daejun during our spare time ^.~ Sung Sikyung, Sandara Park, I. I look like some kind of zombieㅋㅋ It’s coz I couldn’t sleep these past few days ㅡㅡ Seriously, Sandara Park’s face is just as big as my thumb”


“Though it caused us a few late nights, being a Gayo Daejoon MC was a lot of fun! I’m missing you smiling angel Sikyung-hyung and Dara, Dara, bright Dara, the awesome Park Sandara, whose pronunciation was very good and stayed calm and didn’t panic even though it was her first time being an MC, and instead accepted all my jokes well.. Sorry, it’s because I haven’t slept well lately ~ Today’s weather was really cold and difficult, but you all worked hard; I love you always, Heechul-a”

Source: Heechul’s Instagram/Twitter
Translated by CLassifiedKJOP@ygladies.com | BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara