[ME2DAY] Dara: “Why do the kids who are good at Pump always hold the back bar”


Why do the kids who are good at Pump always hold the back bar… Pump of memoriesㅋㅋ”


Translated by @kristinekwak
Source: Dara’s Me2Day

[ME2DAY] 131009 Dara Enjoys the Play: “I thought I’d die of laughter”




Dara enjoying cultural life! Today again, I have come to watch a good play at Daehak-ro! The last time I did, it was such a sad love that I have watched with tears but today’s play was so fun I thought I’d die of laughter kekeke Song Il Oppa’s powerful acting…!!!! The best!!! I’m also in the midst of enjoying it ^^

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara

[ARTICLE] Sandara Park’s Pool-Playing Picture Reveals Luxurious Interior of YG Building


[TV Report=Kim Ka-young] 2NE1’s Sandara Park has uploaded a picture of her playing pool.

On September 30, Sandara Park uploaded a picture on her me2day account with a comment, “Killing time in YG building. I play pool in my free time. Do I look like a good pool player?”

In the picture is Sandara Park in front of a pool table. She is staring at the billiard balls with a cue stick in her hand.

The YG building mentioned by Sandara Park is impressive as well. The building of YG Entertainment is giving off classy and luxurious vibes with a neat interior and a high ceiling.

Internet users responded with comments such as, “Sandara Park looks like a professional” “Oh, she plays pool as well” “She looks like a really good player” and “I want to play pool with you.”

Photograph=Sandara Park’s me2day account

By intern reporter Kim Ka-young kky1209@tvreport.co.kr

[ME2DAY] Dara (21dara): “It’s my little sister’s birthday today~ “

┣┛┗APPY 。゚
┃゚D*┃☆ 。゚
┃*D゚┃ 。゚
┗━━IRTHDAY━━゚゚゚DURAMI PARK~!!!!!! ^o^



I came here to greet happy birthday~!!! ^.^ Yesterday is our cutie manager who does eyesmile, Sehun’s birthday! Although you’re shy and different with Jjangmae and I can’t post a picture of you, happy birthday! Second~ It’s my little sister’s birthday today~ Cheondung said “It’s little noona’s birthday right?” and bought a gift! I want to get a birthday gift from Cheondung too. Big nuna’s birthdday is soon. ah Cheondung’s birthday is coming first, anyways to everyone whose birthday is on September, Happy birthday!

Source: http://me2day.net/21dara
Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

[ME2DAY] Dara (21dara): “Me2 friends~!!! Long time no see!!! Are you doing good?!?”



21dara: Me2 friends~!!! Long time no see!!! Are you doing good?!? I’m visiting here with my best me2day pose! With a new hairstyle…! I didn’t dye my hair much but this year I’m trying various things ^_^ umm anyways nice to see you~~ Goodbam!!!^.^/


Source: http://me2day.net/21dara
Translated by: DaraDarasuru_21

[TWITTER/Me2day] 130717 DOUBLE PARK went all over Supportive for KANG SEUNG YOON

[TWITTER/Me2day] 130717 DOUBLE PARK went all over Supportive for KANG SEUNG YOON

DARA’s Me2Day: Our dongsaeng Seungyoon ~ awesome dongsaengie-yaaa~!!! Fighting!!! ^_^ tags: Kang Seungyoon, It Rains, 2NE1, Falling In Love, Double Park, YG [BOM’s TWITTER] @haroobomkum: Seungyoon-ah, fighting!!!!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ke ke ke ke ke ke @haroobomkum: Seungyoon-ah … Continue reading