[CANCELED][ADMIN POST] DPPH First Ever Project: “11-12-13 Dara’s Birthday Project”


Hello Daralings~ 1 Month to go before November and for Daralings November is a very special day to all of us
because a goddess was born ^.^ ❤

We, at Dara Park Philippines planned to joined the San-Union Project for Dara’s Birthday,
but unfortunately we couldn’t afford to join this time. (But hopefully for the other projects San-Union will plan,
DPPH could join :D)

So DPPH made a decision to do our very own FIRST PROJECT~! for Dara’s 30th Birthday *throws confetti* hooray~! 😀
We’re trying to make it special this year ^_^ ❤ because first of all Dara is 30 years old (Korean Age)
and it’s DPPH First ever project :>

Here are the Plans, (Some of the plans will be keep a secret, because as what OHDARA/WELOVEDARA said, Dara loves visiting
here fan-sites, so to keep the element of surprise, will keep it a secret for now ^_^ kkk

PART 1 of PART 4. Now Daralings~ Here’s your part 🙂

You’ll only need a board or any visual and yourself. ^_^
Just take a photo of you with the sign “Happy Birhtday Dara” or “Maligayang Kaarawan Sandy”
(either of the two only) and send your picture to daraparkphilippines@gmail.com
It can be a solo shot or a group shot as long as the “Happy Birhtday Dara” or “Maligayang Kaarawan Sandy” is seen clearly.
NOTE: Please use some high quality camera for a good quality pictures. 🙂
*DEADLINE: October 20, 2013*

PART 2 of PART 4.

For DPPH First Ever Project, We’re planning to give away three (3) Shirts designed by one of our Admins.
*More details on how to join the giveaway will be post very soon. PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR IT ^___^ ❤

PART 3 and 4 of the Project is mainly about our gifts for Dara, so we will stop it here ^_^ kkk~

As much as we want to tell you the highlights of our project but the risk that Dara unnie might see it, is really HIGH 😀
Hope all you guys will support our (First Project “11-12-13 Dara’s birthday Project” and more projects to come~! ^__^ ❤

If you have any questions regarding this project just e-mail us at daraparkphilippines@gmail.com using this title [11-12-13 BDP-Question]
or message us through Facebook.

DPPH Family

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