[ARTICLE] Battle of the K-pop Blondes: Female Edition

We’ve seen K-Pop stars sport even the most bizaare hair colours and styles, but no one else can rock that blonde look like these babes can.

When Sandara turned blonde for “Falling In Love”, everyone else fell in love, too! And I mean, who wouldn’t? In the music video alone, she was a goddess! In more ways than one she was definitely the “Golden Girl”.

Whatever hair colour she dons—red, brown, black—the blonde Gyuri never fails to standout. She had that more feminine look as a blonde. In some ways, she reminds us of that pretty girl who sat quietly in class but was adored by most.

Seeing Luna blonde was a relief. She was donning too much black hair that it almost added ages to her beauty. When she turned blonde, she looked years younger—perhaps even younger than she actually is. In this photo, she just looks like everyone’s favorite little sister.

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