[VIDEO+TRANS] Dara and Mino Send Each Other Video Messages on Winner TV


MINO: Seungyoon-ah, I’m going to give Dara noona a video letter right now so I’m making this.

MINO: Hello noona! I’m Winner’s MINO. I’m making this video letter because we’re compatible Noona, I want to be closer.

(Note: There was this program which matched the compatibility between Winner and other artists and it was found out that Dara and Mino matched. ^^)

MINO: Everyone I just got a reply from Dara noona! At the salon, while she was dying her hair she sent a video message to me!

DARA: Hi Mino, I thought we’re already close but receiving this, I’m surprised. But I’m glad, and sorry I’m now looking like this, I’m in the middle of dying my hair. But isn’t this me thinking juniors so beautiful?!

*Mino watching the video, shouting “beautiful!” 

Here’s a cut of Dara’s video message for Mino:


Translated by: @onewomansubs and @HuisuYoon

[NEWS] WINNER’s Song Minho Has Positive Chemistry with 2NE1′s Dara


Sadly for Song Minho, member of YG’s new boy band WINNER, he and YG aren’t meant to be.

The members of WINNER were told their fortunes on January 10th’s episode of “WINNER TV” and Song Minho found out he needs to stay away from Yang Hyunsuk. The fortune-teller went as far as to say that the producer would not even give him a second chance if he were to ever get in a scandal with a girl so to be extra careful and polite around him.

On a positive note, he was told his chemistry with Sandara of 2NE1 was positive so to stick by her side as much as possible and receive lots of help.

Check out today’s episode to catch Song Minho’s reaction to this news!

The cut where the fortune teller talks about Mino’s fortune with Dara and YG!


Article Source: @YGWINNER_A
Video Source: Mnet + redthreaddreams4
Capped by: @donnyroyalty